VA Million Veteran Program

Many of you may have heard of the Million Veteran Program. It is a research program aimed at finding causes and cures for a myriad of problems and diseases. Participation invloves providing a blood sample (which can be accomplished by mail) and filling out quesionaires on lifestyle, military history and exposure history. Data is not shared beyond VA research, private information is coded, and DNA data is de-identified from any personal information. If you have any interest in this program please check out the VA website

Veteran's Day dinner at Mancini's

Our grads met to celebrate Veterans Day on November 14 at Mancini’s Char House in downtown St. Paul. We met there not because Mancini’s has been voted the number one Supper Club in Minnesota, but because we wanted a charming evening where our grads and their families could enjoy a great meal and be treated as if they were royalty. Our expectations were met.

We had 23 show up for dinner and cocktails. Mancini’s do respect and take care of veterans and this evening was no exception. We had our choices of their widely known steak, walleye filet, or chicken. The servers seemed happy to be waiting on us and even brought cake for dessert. A range of grads attended, from young to oldest. We’re not sure, but Tom Wilson, class of ’61, was likely the oldest grad. It was hard to interrupt conversations once they got started but we updated grads on recent events and invited folks to the upcoming Luncheon Lecture Series. That talk, about Pearl Harbor, will take place on  December 7th at the VFW Post 5555.

It was a fun evening and some attendees already are planning to meet again next year. It’s a date!




USAFA Superintendent chosen as next Executive Director of the College Football Playoff

Heritage Dinner 2023


USAFA AOG Announces Membership for All

All In!   Membership in AOG expands to all graduates.

Effective Jan. 3, 2022, any graduate who is not currently a member can opt in to AOG membership. Be on the lookout for a special email invite to opt in or visit and provide the information requested. Opting in should take just a minute. 

For more information, click the following:

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