Virtual March Back From Jack’s Valley

Let’s come together as a USAFA Family and support the Class of 2024. Though our in-person Graduate March Back has been cancelled, we’re going virtual and expanding participation to our entire USAFA family! Between July 18-31, we invite you to join the USAFA community and walk, run or march 6.2 miles in support of the Class of 2024 cadets returning from Basic Cadet Training in Jacks Valley. For more information, and a link to the Virtual March Back Log where you can register your completion, click here.

Minnesota Third Class Cadet Reports On The New Normal

Cadet Lily Landis, a member of the the USAFA Volleyball team was interviewed by Mike Max. Click here to view the video! [Please note that a small ad may play at the beginning – you can skip after a few seconds]

Vet Tix Service Available

Vet Tix * provides tickets to events which reduce stress, strengthen family bonds, build life-long memories and encourage service members and veterans to stay engaged with local communities and American life. We support our troops by honoring their service and providing positive family and life experiences, during and after their years of service to our country.

Vet Tix provides tickets to all branches of currently-serving Military and Veterans, including immediate family of troops KIA.

Vet Tix secures tickets to sporting events, concerts, performing arts, educational and family activities across the nation. VetTixers sign up online. We verify their service. VetTixers request tickets to events that interest them, then pay a small delivery fee to receive their free tickets.

Click here to go to Vet Tix, either to learn more, request tickets, or make a donation.

* Vet Tix is a 95% Charity (Independently audited past 9 years), meaning 95% of their budget goes to direct delivery of services, only 5% or less to overhead and administration.  Your humble webmaster verified this on Guidestar.

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